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Tranexamic acid

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Step 1: Slow the flow

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The first step in treating iron deficiency is reducing the amount of blood you're losing with your period. By doing this, you will also reduce the amount of iron you're losing!

The ultimate goal is to treat iron deficiency before a blood transfusion is necessary. Blood transfusions come with important risks, so they are reserved for emergencies. 

How the treatment works

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Tranexamic acid (aka Cyklokapron) is a medication that prevents excessive bleeding by strengthening blood clots. 

You bleed during your period because the inner lining of your uterus is shedding. To reduce blood loss, tranexamic acid can help blood clots form in your uterus.

Many people find that their periods are lighter when they use tranexamic acid, as if they are turning off a tap!

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Platelets gravitate towards the bleeding site and form a plug. 


Fibrin strands form a mesh that traps more platelets to produce a clot.


Plasmin breaks fibrin strands.


Tranexamic acid prevents plasmin from breaking fibrin strands.

Is tranexamic acid for you?

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Do not take tranexamic acid if you have any blood in your urine...

By this, we mean if you are peeing blood. Blood in the toilet bowl from your period is okay.

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Do not take tranexamic acid if you've had an abnormal blood clot within the last three months...

For example, a deep vein thrombosis in your legs or a pulmonary embolism in your lungs. Please see our FAQ for more information.

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Speak to your doctor if you are on a hormonal contraceptive with estrogen...

For example, a pill, patch, or ring. Your doctor can determine if it is safe for you to be on a hormonal contraceptive and tranexamic acid at the same time. If your pharmacist has questions, ask them to contact your doctor directly.

How to take tranexamic acid:

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Take your first dose as soon as you start bleeding...

If you wait too long to start taking tranexamic acid, it may not work as well.

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Take a dose three times a day with meals...

Tranexamic acid should be taken about 6 to 8 hours apart. It may cause nausea, so it is best taken with food.

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Take two tablets each time...

This dose is 1 gram of tranexamic acid (each tablet is 500mg). Some patients may be advised to take 1 tablet (500mg) or 3 tablets (1.5 grams). Ask your doctor what dose is right for you.

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Stop taking tranexamic acid when your bleeding ends.


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You will need a prescription from your doctor to take tranexamic acid.

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If tranexamic acid isn’t covered by your drug plan, it costs about $50 for every 7 day period.

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Tranexamic acid is not an anti-inflammatory medication.

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Tranexamic acid is not a hormone so it can't be used as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.

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The second step in treating iron deficiency is replacing the iron you've lost.

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