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Heavy menstrual bleeding

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Signs of heavy menstrual bleeding (aka menorrhagia):

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Blood clots more than 1 cm in size.

Passing clots... 

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Feeling a large gush of blood when you stand up.


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Changing a heavy/overnight pad or super/super plus tampon more than 4 times a day because it's soaked.

Frequent soaking... 

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Periods that last longer than 10 days, periods more than every 21 days, and bleeding in between periods.

Abnormal bleeding... 

Track your bleeding with the Pictorial Blood Assessment Chart.

When to speak with your doctor:

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If you experience any of the above signs.

When to go to the Emergency Room:

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If you might be pregnant...

It is important to get checked out by a doctor to make sure everything is okay.

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If you feel faint or weak...

Especially when standing up, and if you are changing your pad/tampon more than every hour. These symptoms may be a sign that you have lost too much blood.

Possible causes of heavy menstrual bleeding:

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A structural problem.

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Hormonal changes.

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Bleeding disorders.

Visit to read more about these conditions.

If untreated, heavy menstrual bleeding can lead to iron deficiency.

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